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Apps we need on Windows Phone

Sky Sports News

Sky (Record)

Highways Agency (point out Google app – traffic lights)


LivingSocial UK TV Advert

With the huge amounts of money behind Groupon’s biggest rival LivingSocial I saw their advert on TV earlier this week

I guess if you have the spending power TV still is a powerful channel backed by web and social media et al.

I think the tie-up between FourSquare and LivingSocial is actually more beneficial for FourSquare as people question the value of “checking in” and getting badges. FourSquare need to make money and LivingSocial with their deep pockets and daily deals can make that happen. What LivingSocial do get is access to the FourSquare mobile user base.

Sid Meier Interview: Bringing Civ World to Facebook


Our goal is to bring the core Civilization experience to Facebook, so that Civ fans will feel right at home with the game. We feel that the Civilization experience can be delivered in fun and meaningful ways on many different platforms. Civilization on the PC and consoles is different than the one we’re bringing to social networking, but players will recognize many of the elements that have been in Civilization games before. We want to deliver the same addictive gameplay that Civ players love, in a way that will engage folks who enjoy playing games on the social network platform, and we look forward to adding to the experience as the game continues to evolve on Facebook.

Civilization is one of my all time favourite games and it has landed on Facebook.

It is free to play but you can buy “Civ Bucks” to get gems to enhance your throne room and city etc.

I need to avoid this game like the plague as I remember days disappearing once you get hooked on the Civilization franchise. I am sure I can have a little play 😛

The thing that worries me about Facebook games / apps is the privacy angle. The game wants access to email etc.


I am sure that with the power of Facebook, the game’s legendary status and appeal coupled with the rise of social gaming this is going to be a big success.

Happy gaming!

The 6 Hottest New Jobs in IT

I saw this great article via @bcarlsonCIO a few weeks ago and really liked it especially as I was on the look out for my next role. The IT job market is still a great place to be with demand high for good technologists. This articles lists the 6 hottest jobs as:

  1. Business architect
  2. Data scientist
  3. Social media architect
  4. Mobile technology expert
  5. Enterprise mobile developer
  6. Cloud architect

All of the above made sense. There is a role that I personally think is going to be crucial for anyone looking to build Cloud solutions on Windows Azure (or similar). This role combines a business analyst and cloud architect maybe a Cloud Analyst? This individual can:

  1. Assess the technology feasibility of the platform and your desired project
  2. Understands how to make the the cost model of Windows Azure work 
  3. Drive a solution that balances the cost model and the implemenation

IT job seekers have real reason to hope. No fewer than 10,000 IT jobs were added to payrolls in May alone, according to the Bureau of Labor statistics, reflecting a steady month-over-month increase since January. And in a June survey by the IT jobs site, 65 percent of hiring managers and recruiters said they will hire more tech professionals in the second half of 2011 than in the previous six months