QR code spotting #2 – First Great Western and BBC Food

Continuing my hunt for interesting uses of QR codes I came across First Great Western using them in Reading Station to allow you to get pocket timetables for your mobile phone. Very nice 🙂


I also noticed a QR code on a food programme on BBC1 which takes you to the ingredients for the recipe that had just been cooked up.


QR codes are clearly beginning to creep into our world slowly.

The search continues…

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  1. So what’s your view on QR codes? Here to stay, or just a stepping stone to a better and more intuitive information retrieval process? I’ve been doing a lot of research into QR codes and I have a feeling better technology is going to over take QR codes before they become established in the UK.They are still awesome pieces of technology and using them to link to the digital from that of the physical world is very useful. An augmented future is coming, but which technology will be the victor? Tweet me: @antonyjwhite

  2. I think QR codes have just really begun to be used by businesses such as retailers. I am not sure how many people recognise they can scan one and how this might benefit them. The technology I think will supercede QR codes if they are ever adopted by the public is NFC as this involves no scanning and in essence your NFC device becomes aware of other NFC devices and can consume services, adverts etc. You will walk past advertising space which will change based on your profile e.g. where you have been shopping, what stores you have used your NFC enabled device to pay for items.There needs to be some advances in the AR arena which means you can consume the AR based layers without having to hold up a tablet etc. up in front of you. The stumbling block with NFC and AR is the availability of hardware, I think QR codes are beginning to become more popular due to barcode scanning on mobile devices and apps such as RedLaser etc. We do have a raft of NFC enabled mobiles but with no supporting services and apps going to be pretty useless.Let’s see what happens there could be another technology that comes in and takes the mantle?

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