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Twitter hashtag on FIFA12 TV Advert #FIFA12

I noticed that on the new FIFA12 Advert instead of the usual

  1. URL
  2. Search for FIFA12
  3. Look for us on Facebook

there was the #FIFA12 hashtag displayed on the final screen of the adverts.

EA appear to be promoting the hashtag to help spread the message of the release of the new game on the 30th September. Twitter clearly is a great means to allow gamers to talk about the game and will compliment EA’s marketing strategy.


5 reasons you???re probably wasting time with QR codes


An interesting negative view on using QR codes. The 5 reasons being

  1. Not everybody has a smartphone
  2. The process can be confusing
  3. They lack cross-media functionality
  4. They may be too much trouble for the consumer
  5. A bad experience could be prohibitive

I think the challenge may be a QR code reader that works outside of the iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone platforms (Point 4). This article is specific to the US and UK adoption rates for smartphones are high.

Point 3 has some strength but I have seen some very effective and creative uses of QR codes which I have written blog posts on including First Great Western allowing you to download timetables. This article states the obvious when it says QR codes cannot be used on radio.

QR codes in the UK appear to be still gathering momentum.

25 most popular men’s fragrances #infographic

One of the more interesting infographics I have come across. If you are a guy this shows the 25 most popular fragrances, their component scents, price and the associated parent company.


Source: Live Magazine

INFOGRAPHIC: How big is the world of cloud computing?

I love infographics and saw this a while back.

It shows

  • how large cloud data centres are 
  • how they make sense from a cost perspective compared with a “traditional” data centre
  • how huge Amazon’s infrastructure is