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Audi A6 Bi-Turbo TDI 0-62 in 5.1s and 44.1mpg = nice!

The most potent Audi V6 TDI ever to enter production powers executive class Audi models to 62mph in a fraction over five seconds and returns up to 44.1mpg

Now this looks like a very nice motor indeed and fast too.

More infomation from the Audi UK site:

Audi introduces Roadside Assistance app for BlackBerry

Audi US (unfortunately not in the UK) have launched a BlackBerry application to help customers who have free roadside assistance packages. The application allows entry of customer and vehicle details and uses this with the phone’s GPS to better diagnose issues and get assistance faster.

The Audi Roadside App offers a range of leading-edge features that connect directly with Audi and its roadside assistance partner, Allstate Roadside Services. The App leverages the Audi customer’s pre-registered vehicle information, a smartphone’s GPS capabilities and an intuitive interface to ease calls for roadside assistance.


The Audi Roadside “App” offers the following features:

  • Vehicle registration – Drivers simply provide their Audi’s vehicle identification number (VIN) and some basic personal information to register the App with their customer information on file. This provides Audi Roadside Services your specific details when you request service, and greatly shortens the time it takes to dispatch service.
  • Audi Roadside Assistance – With a few simple steps, the driver selects the type of service they require (e.g. jump start, fuel delivery, tire change or tow) and the App locates the driver via the smart phone’s GPS capabilities. The assistance request is sent to the Audi Roadside Assistance dispatcher as the call is connected to enable the dispatcher to provide faster service. Once the dispatch is complete, the App captures and conveniently stores the dispatch details, including the name of the roadside provider en route to the customer and estimated time of arrival. 
  • Dealer Locator – For convenient access to dealer information, the App allows users to search for dealers nearby or within a given city. The App displays the dealer’s name, location, hours of operation and phone number. With one touch, the user can display nearby dealers on a map or immediately call the dealer. This is particularly helpful when a service appointment is required immediately.

The application appears to be created by Audi’s chosen digital agency AKQA and is the first “roadside assistance” application I have come across. It is good for BlackBerry to have a big brand like Audi on their phones. I am wondering whether there is a large proportion of the BlackBerry demographic in the US that drive Audis?

Source: CrackBerry


I love Audis and this one is really special,customised by German tuning outfit ABT 

This car zips from 0-62mph in an amazing 3.6s and then hits a top speed of 199mph courtesy of a 5204cc v10 and a body made up of carbon fibre and aluminium.

Only a handful are being made and you will need £300,000 to get your hands on one!