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Audi A6 Bi-Turbo TDI 0-62 in 5.1s and 44.1mpg = nice!

The most potent Audi V6 TDI ever to enter production powers executive class Audi models to 62mph in a fraction over five seconds and returns up to 44.1mpg

Now this looks like a very nice motor indeed and fast too.

More infomation from the Audi UK site:

New Volkswagen Passat Ad

What a great advert 🙂

Mercedes SLS Roadster


I was getting my car fix over the weekend and noticed that Mercedes have released some pictures of their SLS Roadster. This will no doubt be produced in a limited quantity.

Some facts:

  • 563 bhp
  • Soft top lowers in 11 seconds
  • Maximim speed electronically limited to 193



I love Audis and this one is really special,customised by German tuning outfit ABT 

This car zips from 0-62mph in an amazing 3.6s and then hits a top speed of 199mph courtesy of a 5204cc v10 and a body made up of carbon fibre and aluminium.

Only a handful are being made and you will need £300,000 to get your hands on one!