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Power Monkey – A gadget everyone should have!

I purchased a Power Monkey Classic v2 from last year to charge my power thirsty iPhone 3GS on the go as its battery lasted 12 hours before it died. It is a device that you can “charge up” and connect to your phone or other gadget when you require power. It quite capably recharged my iPhone to full capacity.

The iconic powermonkey-classic: a charging device that’s become one of the most widely recognised and versatile portable chargers available on the market today.


Having switched to a LG Optimus 7 running Windows Phone 7 I have had less of a need for charging on the go and this great gadget has been lying collecting dust on my desk. On a few occasions in the past few months I have been on a train home after using my phone to tweet, call people and check email all day and the battery has run out of power. I have had to use a phone box to get someone to pick me up.

About an hour ago I thought I would have a look at the many connectors that came with this unit and I found a micro-USB attachment for my phone. The Power Monkey also has interchangeable plugs so you can use it in different countries.


What a great product, light, durable and it charges everything, it even has a USB connector to charge the Power Monkey from your PC! I highly recommend this and encourage you to throw something out of your laptop bag for this.

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