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How Secure Is Your Cloud?

How Secure Is Your Cloud?

A nice infographic on Cloud Security


Deloitte predicts for 2013 #infographic



IT Transformation, Big Data, and Security #infographic from EMC World 2012


More of a “serious” infographic from the CIO Summit tackling Big Data and Cloud.

Social Networking at Work #infographic


Interesting snippets in this infographic including 64% of employees use their mobile device to access Social Networks and 62% access Social Networks 1-2 times a day.

25 most popular men’s fragrances #infographic

One of the more interesting infographics I have come across. If you are a guy this shows the 25 most popular fragrances, their component scents, price and the associated parent company.


Source: Live Magazine

INFOGRAPHIC: How big is the world of cloud computing?

I love infographics and saw this a while back.

It shows

  • how large cloud data centres are 
  • how they make sense from a cost perspective compared with a “traditional” data centre
  • how huge Amazon’s infrastructure is



Social networks and their mobile user base #infographic

This great infographic has been recently updated and shows the numbers of mobile users as a proportion of their overall userbase. Of particular interest is Skype who have recently been acquired by Microsoft. An estimated 663m Skype users have mobile access higher than any other service including Facebook. There is definitely a valuable user base there for Microsoft especially as we know that there will be a Windows Phone 7 version coming when the Mango update is released.


Some other points of interest:

  • 5.3bn mobile devices worldwide
  • Over half of these are in the Asia & Pacific region where Nokia are strong
  • Microsoft properties Skype and Hotmail have access to over 1bn mobile devices
  • Where would BlackBerry’s BBM be on this map?

Source: @jess3


Sleepless? Then Stop Taking Your iPhone To Bed #infographic

Great infographic and article from @gigaom about how we just cannot bear to be without our mobile phones so much so it can affect our sleep!

The study found that mobile workers have a hard time being physically separated from their smartphones, even when it’s ostensibly time to sleep. More than half at 61 percent of those surveyed keep the phone in the bedroom, and 41 percent have it within arm’s reach of where they sleep. Those figures jump to 77 and 60 percent respectively when you’re talking about the younger crowd (respondents between the ages of 22 and 34). Just over a third at 35 percent of mobile workers check their email before doing anything else when they wake up in the morning, and another 38 percent admit to checking their email at various times during the night.


UEFA Champions League 2011 INFOGRAPHIC

There are four teams left in the Champions League with the final looking like it will be Barcelona vs. Manchester United. Barcelona are the favourites with the stars they have including the best player in the world at the moment Lionel Messi.

I found this great infographic which was featured in the New York Times and the creators have said they will update it after the finals.