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The football season is over

The English football season is over, Chelsea sack their manager and some players are requesting transfers others are trying to sue social networks.

I was thinking about the Football World Cup in particular 1990 – and remembered the BBC titles for their coverage with the voice of Pavarotti singing Nessun Dorma. If the hairs on the back of your neck do not stand on end there is something wrong with you 😛

England should have won that year :S


I am doing something new (well for me anyways) – Welcome to my blog :)

Armed with boundless energy and curiosity about what is happening in the world around me I “finally” decided to do something new and create this blog. I have no set goal or desire for this blog except to add richer thought to some of the cool stuff that is happening in the world specifically social media, mobile, software, sport, tech, music and people.

I am quite excited about this blog at the moment and this tune titled “Heart of Courage” definitely motivates, it was used in the Mass Effect 2 trailer too, ENJOY!

Thanks to @nerdlabs for the help to get this going 🙂 and the sales guys at 1and1 hosting although setting up Posterous and support services seems to be easier with GoDaddy.

Enjoy the sun and the Easter break for those of you in the UK 🙂