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OneNote 2013 on Windows 8 slate #win8 #surface

I am a big fan of OneNote and use it on my desktop, iPad and Windows Phone. The iPad version of OneNote is fairly limited and I have been looking forward to the Windows 8 version especially a version that supports touch.

Here is a great short video on OneNote 2013 on a Samsung 7 series slate:

I am hoping that this version on the new Surface device is going to be amazing. One thing that I have attempted & failed on my iPad is to try and take handwritten notes using a stylus. OneNote 2013 allows the use of touch as well as a stylus, it will be interesting to see whether you can actually take notes properly.

The coolest thing I saw was the radial menu – something very unique and designed for proper touch based use – UX is an area Microsoft have in the past struggled with.


The keyboard layout for thumbs is also something new.


I am really looking forward to using OneNote 2013 on Surface – I am hoping it will not disappoint.