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UEFA Champions League 2011 INFOGRAPHIC

There are four teams left in the Champions League with the final looking like it will be Barcelona vs. Manchester United. Barcelona are the favourites with the stars they have including the best player in the world at the moment Lionel Messi.

I found this great infographic which was featured in the New York Times and the creators have said they will update it after the finals.


Droppa del Rey – Sergio Ramos drops the Cup and 2 more Cup related incidents

Sergio Ramos of Real Madrid dropped the Copa del Rey from the team’s open top team bus and unfortunately the team bus ran it over.

For the sports fans out there I thought of some other winning Cup related antics

After Europe’s Ryder Cup win in 2010 Ian Poulter posted a video on Twitter eating “Honey Nut Cheerios” cereal out of the cup


One close to my heart (as a Liverpool fan) Having won the UEFA Champions League a 5th time which gives the winning team the honour of keeping the trophy Liverpool players managed to dent the trophy after clearly getting a bit carried away with the triumph