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Codename Windows 8 – lots of Windows Phone 7 influences

Microsoft’s Steven Sinofsky announced some details about the next version of Windows codename Windows 8. There are some very cool features and clearly a shift to a “Touch First” UI which means that we won’t struggle to use touch with Windows 8 as with Windows 7.

Check out the video to see some of these improvements and features.

Some highlights for me:

  • HTML5 and Javascript centric
  • Tile based UI
  • Appears to be adopting hub based approach all photos in one place
  • Multitasking is Windows 7 but touch enabled – very nice!
  • Touch UI / UX appears very slick and similar to the recently announced BlackBerry PlayBook with menus appearing from the side. 
  • Two types of apps, the classic desktop apps and the new HTML5 based Windows 8 apps. 
  • Ergonomic virtual touch keyboard
  • Touch centric browser in Internet Explorer 10

The well-received Windows Phone 7 experience clearly has influenced some of these initial ideas based on the screenshots of the Lock, Start screens and example Weather App.


I am looking forward to seeing Windows 8 on a real tablet device as this is where Microsoft need to make this work and gain tablet share.